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AMD Q3 Report Reveals Blockchain-Related GPU Sales “Negligible”

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) — the multinational semiconductor company — recently released its Q3 financial report that shed light on the falling demand for GPU miners for cryptocurrencies. AMD and NVIDIA maintain a duopoly in the GPU ...

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Truffle Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Truffle -- the popular open-source Ethereum smart contracts development environment and testing framework -- recently surpassed 1 million lifetime downloads. Truffle is one of three primary tools in the Truffle Suite, along with Ganache and Drizzle. Truffle provides...

FOMO3D Relegated to Same Fate as Other Ethereum Dapps

FOMO3D -- the polarizing exit scam and social experiment game on Ethereum -- has plummeted in volume and daily active users since its high-profile entrance into the mainstream and highs of more than 10,000 daily active users in late July earlier this year. FOMO3D is...

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